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Less paper, more business...

Download the SUICARDS app and start using your digital business card directly.
You can use it with the application or with our stylish digital cards.

What does SUICARDS do?

By registering with the SUICARDS application, you can quickly prepare your business card information (name, surname, phone number, mobile number, e-mail address, company name, title and location) that you want to share with the others.

Moreover, this information is recorded directly on the phone of the people you share with. Also;

After registering to the application, add all your social media accounts related to your business as links and share them instantly.

Add and share your price list, product overviews or documents and presentation files that can provide better information to your customers about your company or business.

SuiCard Mobile


  • Name-surname, mobile-business phone, e-mail address, location, title, company name sharing (Registration on the phone with one operation)
  • Sharing of social media links (All social media platforms are available separately. You can choose and add your links.
  • Card design is personal and can be designed with the colors and logos you want. It will be enough to send your design.
  • You can edit the information in your card yourself quickly and practically.
  • Made from 95 percent recyclable plastic. The dyes used in the card design are completely organic.
  • Document sharing up to 250 MB. It allows you to share the price list related to your business, the documents explaining the product features, your presentation files, all your digital documents that belong to your institution, your business or you with your customers.



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